AEON Green Solutions

LED luminaires

A19, GU10, MR16, PAR, BR, T8 etc are commonly used bulbs in the industry.  Finding a replacement for your existing lightening is our job. Ensuring you do your part in saving your company money and doing your part to be green begins with you ...

Designer Luminaires

We have many designer lighting options to fit the needs of modern spatial design.  LED lighting is an ideal option for accent lighting because they are highly efficient and can be used in abundance without any concern of circuit overloading ...

Green Solutions

Aeon Green Solutions' LED technology can save up to 92% of electricity over current lighting sources currently being used. According to independent studies, LED lighting technology has provided the highest and most efficient energy savings seen to date ...

  • residential


    We provide professional and courteous relamping services for all household lighting applications.

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  • commercial


    We specialize in commercial and industrial lighting solutions for any business of any type.

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  • Maintenance


    A predictable way of budgeting your maintenance cost for your lighting over the course of 3 years.

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