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Aeon Green Solutions' LED technology can save up to 92% of electricity over current lighting sources currently being used. According to independent studies, LED lighting technology has provided the highest and most efficient energy savings seen to date.

Whether at work or home, lighting ultimately affects our mood and performance.Productivity is decreased when the lighting is not appropriate or inadequate. Aeon Green works with residential, commercial and warehouse spaces in a professional and innovative manner.

Aeon Green is a full service solution provider capable of handling specific needs. We provide a wide variety of environmentally responsible products that meet the needs of today's users and designers. Whether the project is big or small, Aeon Green can do it all.




We provide professional and courteous relamping services for all household lighting applications.

LED lighting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use when used in appropriate housings. Households will notice instant savings in their energy bill and may see up to a 90% reduction in energy consumption.

LED light is a seamless transition from traditional filament or fluorescent style bulbs and provide instantaneous light that requires no warm up time. In addition to emitting less heat, LED lighting reduces the need for higher use of energy to cool down the house. LED lighting is available in standard A19 bulbs, GU10, PAR, BR and T8 equivalent replacements.


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We specialize in commercial and industrial lighting solutions for any business of any type. Businesses can greatly benefit from converting to LED lighting because of extended usage hoursin a typical business day.

Not only does LED lighting use a fraction of the energy compared to conventional lighting, LED lighting also lasts up to 5 times longer. This means reduced expenses of maintaining your business. This is achieved by reducing the amount of replacement bulbs purchased over the years and the extensive cost of labour.


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A predictable way of budgeting your maintenance cost for your lighting over the course of 3 years.

Aeon Green will ensure that all the necessary labor involved in maintaining your lights will be taken care of over the course of your agreement. There is no need to worry about WSIB, keeping stock on site or even worry about guessing how much you will need to budget.

We take care of all those needs while you focus on your business. By converting your lighting to LED's you not only save almost 75% of your energy cost you also help do your part with saving the environment.


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